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New York Times describes 'a penis in the face' as 'harmless fun' in tweet promoting Kavanaugh story
The New York Times outdid itself on Saturday, when staff took to social media to promote an excerpt from an upcoming book about alleged rapist and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s time at…

NYT uncovers new allegation against Brett Kavanaugh that the FBI ignored
So remember Brett “Bart O’Kavanaugh” Kavanaugh? He’s on the Supreme Court now because he screamed a lot at one of his hearings and the FBI did at most a 1/16th-ass…

Republicans hate the RNC's new mandatory, shady fundraising tool. Guess who profits off it?
Thursday kicked off the House Republicans’ annual retreat, and featured a compulsory presentation on the GOP’s answer to ActBlue, the grassroots, small-donor platform that Democrats have been using for well over a decade. It did…

did POTUS* conspire to commit criminal espionage ... again
It’s still not just about the Mueller report as the White House, in using disposable “acting” appointees, is trying to undermine the US intelligence community … again. This would’ve been conspiracy…

The Trump voters who 'just want to watch the world burn' (and all of us along with it)
For many of us, after enduring nearly three years of this Kafkaesque nightmare known as the Trump presidency, the most disturbing thing has not been the seemingly endless outpouring of…

Liberal democracy is not dead yet—and maybe it's time for the dictators to be afraid of the future
Since Donald Trump’s election, there’s been a theme repeated so many times it’s become as accepted in political circles as the theory of relativity is in science—that western liberal democracy…

Cowardly Democratic Senator Coons Attacks Beto for Standing Up to NRA
Conservative Democratic US Senator Christopher Coons (D-Del.) is scared of the NRA.  Coons warned Friday that Beto O’Rourke’s pledge during Thursday's Democratic debate in Houston that the government will confiscate…

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