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Eric Trump discovers journalism ... a watershed moment
Acorn falling from tree … rolled up by a dung beetle. Eric Trump thought he pwned WaPo and really wanted to share it on Twitter. Media Twitter Dunks On Eric Trump…

Trump took a big loan from Trump and never paid Trump back ... because it's a tax scam
A loan listed on Donald Trump’s personal financial disclosure forms appears to be hiding a scheme in which he got tens of millions from Deutsche Bank and never reported the income…

The complete round-up of the most hilarious memes from the great #Sharpie incident of 2019
Oh, Donald, Donald, Donald. This man can never admit when he’s made a mistake. As powerful Category 5 Hurricane Dorian made its way toward the U.S., Donald Trump first used…

Step-by-Step ... House panel to take formal steps on impeachment probe next week
They’re currently looking at a Wednesday vote to set up the procedures for an impeachment inquiry. Now that there are six Congressional committees working on these efforts, coordination will be important,…

Livid Trump Summons FOX News White House Correspondent to Oval Woodshed for a Spanking
There is little in the current news cycle that is less important than Donald Trump's absurd and pointless lies about Alabama being in the path of Hurricane Dorian. For the…

Trump touts 'massive' windfall for famers as farm loan delinquencies surge in Wisconsin
As reports surface of farm loan delinquencies surging in Wisconsin, Donald Trump dispatched some news for farm country from his alternate universe. "Billions pouring into USA," Trump tweeted Friday morning in…

'A Breath of Fresh Air' as Pamela Anderson Takes Meghan McCain to Task Over US War Crimes
Friday's edition of The View became the site of an argument about war crimes, the U.S. military, and WikiLeaks as actress Pamela Anderson and program co-host Meghan McCain battled during Anderson's…

Moscow Mitch won't let Congress know how Russia interfered in 2016 or do anything about 2020
This week, Rep. Stephanie Murphy, a Democrat representing Florida's 7th Congressional District and a former national security specialist in the Department of Defense, alerted the nation in an op-ed in The…

NOAA Disavows Weather Service Tweet Contradicting Trump, Sides w/Him About Alabama Hurricane
It’s time to open a new filing cabinet, next to the one marked “You Can’t Make This Shit Up” and call it the “You Can’t Bottom This” file. Today, in…

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