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White collar crime expert: Trump's latest pardon offer may be criminal bribery
So did you hear the one about the president who dangled pardons in front of people in order to more quickly get his vanity wall project built? Hilarious, right?  The…

Trump's latest classified release is setting the Intel Community's hair on nuclear fire
If you haven’t even worked in a TS/SCI classified environment it’s hard to understand and appreciate just how devastating the latest release by Drumpf’ of a satellite image of an…

Trump's 2020 polling numbers are a disaster. Why doesn't his press coverage reflect that?
The Beltway press has spent years normalizing many things about Donald Trump's radical presidency. Now it seems to be normalizing Trump's disastrous polling numbers on the eve of his re-election run. Any other…

The Media just cut away to commercial while Trump was giving his presser. More of this ..Please.
Trump just said, “ The shooting was very bad but could have been worse”.   MSNBC just cut away from his babbling when he then started talking China trade. They cut…

Why the GOP Preferred Power to Democracy
The Threat is Real.  It really is stunning, not to mention how brazen, the Republican Party is in trying to suppress the democratic process throughout the nation. The GOP leadership…

Amidst Chaos and Catastrophe, Trump’s Lazy Labor Day Weekend
This is what incompetent indifference looks like when mixed with narcissistic mania. In spite of a Category 5 hurricane barreling to the barrier islands of Florida, and yet another mass-shooting…

'If Environment Were a Bank,' Says Bernie Sanders, 'It Would Have Been Saved Already'
The U.S. government took decisive action and spent trillions of dollars to bail out Wall Street banks in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, but it has refused to…

After Man Serves 35 Years in Prison for $50 Robbery, US 'Should Be Ashamed of System We Allow'
The failures of the nation's justice system were highlighted this week after a judge resentenced a man—who'd been serving life in prison without a chance of parole for a $50.75…

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