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As Tropical Storm Dorian barrels toward Puerto Rico, Trump takes money from FEMA and gives it to ICE
Tropical Storm Dorian is moving toward Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands carrying winds of 60 mph and should bring those winds and torrential rain to both U.S. territories later…

GOP House hypocrite is suddenly grateful for the health care he tried to take away from millions
Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy announced Monday that he will be vacating his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in preparation to help care for his unborn daughter who has been diagnosed…

5 Democratic US Senators file an amicus brief with SCOTUS. You should ALL read it. It's a #BFD
So I caught this thread on Twitter, starts here The five U.S. Senators are: Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island Mazie Hirono, Hawaii Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut Richard Durbin, Illinois Kirsten Gillibrand, New…

Let's pause to solemnly reflect on the events of five years ago
Five years ago today, on Aug. 28, 2014, President Barack Obama wore a tan suit. I know, I know! You’re going to have some feelings about this. It’s okay. Take some…

'new' North Korean ballistic missile submarine, because Trump adores his love letters from Kim
Somehow, nuclear missile development continues despite the love-lettered promises of Individual-1 about DPRK denuclearization. Following on their earlier single missile test bed sub, the latest news is of a three…

It’s Official. Trump Forsakes Fox News, Urges Followers To Go Elsewhere
The love affair between Donald Trump and Fox News has sailed through some choppy water in recent months and this morning, it hit the rocks — although just why, is…

'This Is a Coup': Warnings of Ploy to Ram Through No-Deal Brexit as Boris Johnson Moves to Suspend UK Parliament
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday announced plans to suspend the U.K. Parliament, a move lawmakers and commentators condemned as a flagrant abuse of power aimed at forcing an…

NJ school district debates whether or not to feed kids who owe more than $20 in school lunch 'debt'
Another day, another school debating whether or not to punish hungry kids because they can’t afford to pay for their lunches. Today’s horror brings us to New Jersey, where students at…

Critics Denounce Biden's Use of Tragic Family Story to Attack Medicare for All as Both 'Manipulative' and 'Cynical'
A new ad by former Vice President Joe Biden released Tuesday that uses his personal story of familial loss as an attack line against Medicare for All is being panned…

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