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Obama shares impassioned anti-Trump op-ed on Twitter
President Obama rarely comments on the puerile antics of Donald J. Trump. Let’s hope that changes when election season gets into full swing and he hits the campaign trail on…

The Baltimore Sun Slaps Trump Upside The Head
The Baltimore Sun’s editorial staff has fired back at the occupant for his vile racist tweets about Elijah Cummings and Baltimore on Saturday. And they don’t pull punches. They correctly…

Individual-1's unhingery continues ...will something important drop this coming week
It couldn’t just be that the impeachment inquiry began on Friday. Individual-1 has started to act even more peculiar and undeniable in his racist attacks to virtue-signal his base. These…

Critics Charge New Trump Plan 'Recklessly Weakens Protections' for What Remains of 'Illegally Reduced' Bears Ears Monument
Conservation groups and congressional Democrats slammed the Trump administration Friday over its destructive new management plan for the "illegally reduced" Bears Ears National Monument in Utah. In December of 2017,…

Things that Mueller agreed were True
Robert Mueller, one of America’s verifiable national heroes, has just sworn to “tell the truth, the whole true, so help him God.”  And even though his affect was staid and…

Covington Catholic High School teen's $250 million lawsuit against Washington Post dismissed
Remember the viral video of Nick Sandmann, a student at Covington Catholic High School wearing a MAGA hat, staring down Nathan Phillips, an Omaha Nation elder who was attending the Indigenous Peoples…

Ilhan Omar sees Trump's racism as just one tool he is using to keep Americans from working together
Republicans have not only failed to condemn Donald Trump’s racist tweets, they’ve supported them. As Trump has doubled, quadrupled, and octupled down on his racism, supporters at his rally have…

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