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LOL! FOX News after US Women's World Cup Victory
This is hilarious. "I guess Trump’s Fourth of July speech didn’t exactly unify the country."

Trump claims AOC 'knows nothing,' rants and raves 'like a lunatic'
Pot, meet kettle. The Hill: President Trump reportedly praised Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for having a "certain talent," going so far as to compare her to the former first lady of Argentina, Eva…

Republicans routinely ignore GOP Hatch Act violations
Writers, bloggers, commenters, and pundits nearly exhausted the dictionary in the runup to the president’s July 4th Trumpapalooza™. With his tanks, parades, flyovers, and personal address, Donald Trump’s appropriation of…

Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Jeffrey Epstein, Sex Trafficking and Trump
On Wednesday a federal appeals court ordered that 167 documents in a lawsuit alleging Jeffrey Epstein was a part of a sex-trafficking ring be unsealed. This is a bombshell because…

We can't allow ourselves to forget Russia's attacks on our election
Last week former President Jimmy Carter made the bold statement that Donald John Trump was not legitimately elected into office. USA Today’s Susan Page reports that Carter said on Friday…

6 police officers say Starbucks barista told them to leave. Now #DumpStarbucks is trending
First things first: There’s some context missing around the now viral #DumpStarbucks trend. But we do know for sure is the following. 6 police officers in Tempe, Arizona say that…

USA wins World Cup, defeats Netherlands 2-0
4th ever USA title. The average salary for a #USMNT player is $263,320. The MAX salary for a #USWNT player is $99,000. And the latter just scored their second consecutive…

'Staggering' UN Warning That Climate Crisis Disasters Now Occur Weekly Provokes Calls for Action
A "staggering" new warning from a top United Nations official that climate crisis-related disasters are now occuring at the rate of one per week, with developing nations dispropotunately at risk, provoked…

One parade evoked July 4th, celebrated equality in America. The other had Donald Trump—and tanks
This is a tale of two parades, of two celebrations. Although one took place in our nation’s capital, on Independence Day, it was the other one—which I was truly honored to…

Medicare for All Sponsor Rep. Jayapal Challenges Biden's Comments on Labor Unions and Health Insurance
Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal—who favors creating a national single-payer system that ensures healthcare as a human right for all Americans—responded critically on Saturday to 2020 presidential primary front-runner Joe Biden's…

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