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The trump July 4 clown show is thankfully over and the Reviews are in
Thank heaven the poorly planned poorly executed July 4 trump event and speech is over. At times it looked like a 6th grade history lesson read by someone in kindergarten, at…

4th of July 2019..The spirit of PT Barnum
How fitting that the conman in chief said this… PT Barnum started The Greatest Show on Earth.  Donald J. Trump has channeled him bigly.  I just saw clips from the…

Even The Russians Are Laughing At Trump’s 4th of July Flop
Yes, Trump is lying about the crowd size, as you expected. Current crowd estimate is 3.4 million people. — Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) July 4, 2019 Okay, let’s be reasonable…

remember when the Continental Army seized the airports in the 18th Century? #TelePrompTerTrump
Remember when the Revolutionary Army of the 1770s — 1780s "took over Airports" to win American freedom, because Wharton only has business history courses. Darn Deep State got to the…

strike slip for democracy as Trump fails to even put his best props in place
A desperate try for made-for-TV media content, as are most of Individual-1’s campaign rallies. Another unpopular president tried to turn around his low numbers with a Fourth of July celebration…

#RevolutionaryWarAirportStories Trends On Twitter and It’s A Scream
Just a few days ago I found myself stupified by Trump’s latest idiocy, thinking that the term “western liberalism,” of which Vladimir Putin had spoken, referred to the group of…

Not even Ivanka and Don Jr. are coming as Trump's 'greatest show' is set for a disaster
Donald Trump has given just one big order to his staffers for this “greatest show in history” — don’t let this suck as much as his sparsely attended, scarily bleak, doom-in-America…

Trump's Militaristic Exploitation of Independence Day Reflects His Insecurity and Impotence
In this highly charged era of partisan division, Donald Trump has succeeded in altering the meaning of Independence Day for many Americans. Among his Deplorables it has become a tribute…

There really is a New Sheriff in Town -- and it's probably Not who you Think
There’s this sub-current running through the Trump Twitter chaos-stream, that I think we’d be wise to start paying attention too.  PS. Trump’s new “foil” is NOT backing down from this…

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