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Elle columnist alleges Donald Trump raped her in the mid-1990s
Longtime advice columnist E. Jean Carroll is featured in New York Magazine ahead of a new book release, which details six different times she was assaulted by men over her life. One…

Trump reportedly 'pleased' with his performance last night
If this report is true, I feel really sorry for Melania.  And, of course, our entire damn country... So Trump brought us to the brink of war, freaked out the…

Trump reverses his earlier claim that he stopped Iran action on the brink of the attack
On Thursday evening, multiple sources reported that planes were already in the air and ships were moving to attack positions when Donald Trump gave everyone the order to turn back.…

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is getting a going-away party from the very reporters she lied to nonstop
Sarah Huckabee Sanders has spent the last couple of years lying to and stonewalling reporters in her capacity as Donald Trump’s mouthpiece. Now that she’s leaving the job, some of…

Trump explains how America is fighting Iran for the benefit of a bunch of ungrateful loser countries
Sarah Sanders has quit … hasn’t she? It’s hard to tell. But it’s certain that Hope Hicks is long gone, and so is anyone else who stood between Donald Trump and…

Democratic-led House votes to fund gun violence research for first time in history
For decades the gun lobby has been able to successfully thwart any attempts at letting government agencies research gun violence. As idiotic as that sounds, there’s a reason why so…

Trump's business continues to rake in business from Trump's presidency
Donald Trump is turning the government and Republican campaigns into his own best customers, as his insistence on visiting his own properties brings government officials with him and sends a…

“Sanity” Prevails? Why Am I Not Reassured?
Jeez, it’s getting so that you don’t dare to sleep anymore. Every time you close your eyes, that damn little ditty from Wes Craven starts going through your head, One, two,…

Schumer asks Treasury Dept's inspector general to look for political reasons in Tubman $20 delay
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York has asked for the Treasury Department’s inspector general to look into whether purely political reasons are why the unveiling of the basic design of…

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