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White House chief of staff: Sorry, 'too soon' to talk about gun violence. Again.
Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney's primary Sunday show job was to patch up the damage done by revelations that Trump's team requested the navy move the warship…

Mulvaney says it's 'not unreasonable' for Trump's staff to ask the navy to hide the USS John McCain
When it was revealed that the Trump White House requested to the Navy that they move the USS John McCain prior to Donald Trump visiting the American naval base at…

Sincere question for Mitt Romney: Why did you bother running for Senate if not to stand up to Trump?
“Why?” It’s a question I think many of us find rising to our lips—along with a little bile reflux—when pondering the presidency of Donald Trump. And I’m not even talking…

White guy protestor literally steals mic from Kamala Harris during talk on ending the gender pay gap
A white man interrupts a woman of color while she’s speaking about the gender pay gap. Sounds like a setup from The Onion, right? Somehow, it’s real. On Saturday afternoon,…

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan Pens Powerful Denunciation of Trump State Visit – “It’s un-British…”
London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan took to the pages of The Guardian yesterday to announce his unrepentant disapproval of the State visit of Donald Trump and his roving retrogression review to his beloved…

HAHA! Trump Lies About Calling Meghan Markle ‘Nasty’ While His Own Campaign Posts The Proof!
Abraham Lincoln said, “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.” That certainly applies to Trump. He either doesn’t remember calling Meghan Markle nasty or he’s…

Here we go again: The campaign press is obsessing over white working-class Trump voters
As 2020 campaign coverage shifts into high gear, the press is already reviving a beloved 2016 storyline: White working-class voters from Midwest, and specifically men, are the voters who matter most.…

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