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Robert Mueller making a live statement at 11 AM ET
Special counsel Robert Mueller never speaks in public. But he’s going to speak this morning. The Department of Justice has announced that Mueller will appear at 11 AM ET to…

GoFundMe border wall project hits another snag
At this point, Trump and his cultists might as well wait for continental drift to separate the U.S. from Mexico. ‘Cause that wall ain’t getting built anytime soon. Now, the…

Amash's first Town Hall since calling for Impeachment, ERUPTS in a Standing Ovation -BLASTS McCarthy
Has the worm finally turned for the increasingly unstable Mr. Trump, and his sycophants in the congress? Amash gets standing ovation at first town hall after calling for Trump's impeachment…

In Japan, Trump bashes aircraft carrier design while troops sport Trump-themed patches
Donald Trump has very particular obsessions. They are, to the outside observer, often incomprehensible, such as his continued insistence that the catapults on aircraft carriers ought to be steam-based, not…

Virtually No Wage Growth, Surge in Stock Buybacks: Study Offers More Proof Trump Tax Cuts Were 'Designed to Put a Big Windfall in Oligarch Pockets'
Despite lofty promises from President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, the $1.5 trillion in tax cuts that went into effect last year have done little—if anything—to raise workers' wages,…

Congressional Research Service looks at the Trump tax bill ... and finds no net benefit to economy
Republicans may have a hard time coming up with anything Donald Trump has actually done—other than make it easier for companies to pour sludge into rivers and soot into the…

Gallup: 58% think Individual-1 lacks presidential leadership qualities #TheResistanceRises
Going to get worse before it gets better, the tipping point isn’t even in sight. But the never-Trumpers, libertarians, and other disaffected conservatives are beginning to move. Forty percent of…

Transportation Secretary Chao still owns transportation company stocks she promised to sell
Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, one of the only members of the Trump cabinet that could be considered even remotely mainstream based on her previous history serving in the Reagan, Bush…

Dana Milbank: What Trump Could Learn from Sumo Wrestlers.
Dana Milbank suggests drumpf learn something from shokkiri tournaments during which Sumo wrestler deliberately employ illegal moves…for training purposes. Bur Maybe he already has… Washington Post “President Trump watched a sumo competition while visiting Japan,…

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