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Warren and AOC have questions about Steve Mnuchin's role in Sears' collapse (and they have receipts)
Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are teaming up to ask important questions about Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s role in the collapse of retail empire…

crib notes: the latest #TrumpTantrum was staged
While it certainly looks to everyone one else that cover-ups ARE his thing, Trump denied any such thing as he continued to push back on the Mueller report. The man…

Donald Trump Jr. is writing a book—Twitter is still having a heyday suggesting titles
Donald Trump Jr. recently signed a book deal. Politico Playbook reports:: DONALD TRUMP JR. has signed a book deal with Center Street Books, an imprint of the Hachette Book Group, for…

Trump declaring 'I don't do cover-ups' is all just part of his cover-up of a cover-up
“Cover-up.” That’s apparently the un-safe word for Donald Trump. Reporting on yesterday’s abrupt cut-off of an infrastructure meeting with Democratic leadership—a “meeting” for which Trump kept Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer…

To 'Circumvent' White House Obstruction, New York Passes Bill to Give Congress Access to Trump Tax Returns
As the White House continues to defy congressional Democrats' requests for President Donald Trump's federal tax returns, the New York state Assembly on Wednesday passed legislation that would make six…

CNN election analyst: 'The strong opposition to Trump's re-election remains historically high'
This is eye-opening, encouraging, energizing even. But Trump’s defeat is not a fait accompli — not by a long shot. So let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. After all, when…

Republicans Vote to Strike Rep. Underwood’s Words from House Records. Where Were the Dems?
There might be a good reason for this, but if there isn’t I’m hacked off. NBC News “After a dispute over comments by Rep. Lauren Underwood, D-Ill., about the death…

Michael Avenatti Indicted For Forging Stormy Daniels’ Name, Ripping Off Six Figures Book Money
I presume you’ve seen the cartoon above before, which is admittedly a cynical view of the legal process, but all too true, nevertheless? I propose that we revise this cartoon…

Shanahan, Pompeo didn't convince House Democrats that Iran poses any new threats
In a closed-door briefing Tuesday on alleged new military threats from Iran, acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo didn’t persuade House Democrats that Tehran has done…

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