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Graduates and faculty walk out of Taylor University commencement to protest Mike Pence
Unfortunately for graduating students around the country, Vice President Mike Pence is on his commencement speech tour. Not too long ago, he delivered a speech at the Evangelical Christian Liberty…

will Trump / Kushner sue their bank for finding suspicious (money laundering) activity in 2016/2017
Individual-1 has already sued to stop subpoenas for Deutsche Bank records, now identified are actual persons responsible for flagging money laundering, one of whom was fired for discovering suspicious activity. Executives at…

Ted Lieu shames Trump over plan to pardon war criminals: 'You never served'
One way to reliably signal that our country doesn’t care a whit about human rights or international law is to go out of our way to pardon war criminals. It’s beyond idiotic,…

NYT: Deutsche bank employees flagged 'suspicious activity' in Trump's and Kushner's accounts
Oof.  So much smoke — everywhere. Maybe Trump needs to rake his offices to prevent these wildfires from spreading. The New York Times: Anti-money laundering specialists at Deutsche Bank recommended in…

Why would allies trust congenital liar Trump on Iran threat when he's already lied about Iran nukes?
Donald Trump is a liar. It’s probably the one thing he does more consistently than anything else. It is the core of who and what he is. As the Washington…

Farmers are angry as Trump's trade war with China causes record losses
Donald Trump’s failure to establish a trade deal with China may prove to be his Achilles’ heel. And we’re not talking about bone spurs. Global stock markets react to each…

Don’t believe the hype, it’s all a con.
There are two things that I saw in the last hour that drove me to the keyboard today, in what should be my “day of rest,” cuz I’m like, ya know, so damn…

Trump Plans to Pardon Accuse War Criminals Before They Go To Trial
Below is a twitter thread unroll from Scott Hechinger, a public defender in Brooklyn. It is important to note that none of the men accused has gone to trial yet.…

Is it time to disband the White House press corps?
To the surprise of no one, the White House recently moved to purge reporters by taking away or restricting their daily press passes to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Under the new…

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