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some of Trump's presidential f*tness is due to Steve Bannon
Trump’s presidential fitness in 2016 came from a base who will ignore concrete reality in 2020. Trump deploys a greater volume of the same tricks that brought him success in 2016,…

Mnuchin Refusal to Hand Over Trump Tax Returns Called 'Blatant Affront to Rule of Law'
Following Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's formal refusal to hand over six years of President Donald Trump's tax returns, progressive groups late Monday urged House Democrats to stop waiting for the…

Trump Was Lying About Carrier Task Force Deployment to Iran. Big Surprise.
So, a few days ago Trump trotted out John Bolton to threaten Iran, saying the deployment was meant “to send a clear and unmistakable message to the Iranian regime that any…

Former Federal Prosecutor Makes a Great Case for Immediate Consideration of Impeachment
There has been a great deal of analysis of Donald Trump's presidency that raises serious questions as to his honesty, integrity, and even patriotism. And the recent completion of the…

#ProtectTheCow The Devin Nunes' Cow account is under attack on Twitter
The parody account sued by Devin Nunes for $250 million is under attack on Twitter by trolls.

Treating Gun Violence 'As the Epidemic That It Is,' Cory Booker Wins Praise for Sweeping Gun Control Plan
National gun control groups and progressives offered praise on Monday for Sen. Cory Booker's proposal "to end the gun violence epidemic," with some advocates calling the plan the most ambitious…

Trump’s ‘Stollen’ Tweet Seen As ‘Troubling Signal’ Of Trump’s Unwillingness To Leave When Voted Out — Just As Pelosi Predicted
Donald Trump’s recent tweet about the two years that were stollen Stalin stolen from him, and should be repaid by extending his term is ominous, if you stop to think about it.…

Trump will stay in office any way he can, and that includes getting Putin's help again
Donald Trump, openly musing about an unconstitutional and autocratic two-year extension of his presidential term, will do anything to stay in the White House. That will include getting Vladimir Putin's…

GOP senators ask intelligence community watchdog to investigate Russia probe 'leaks'
Following on the attorney general's promise to investigate alleged 'spying' on Donald Trump's campaign, two GOP senators are asking the internal watchdog for the intelligence community to investigate "apparent leaks"…

Mike Pompeo dismisses climate change, calls melting Arctic ice caps 'new opportunities for trade'
Another day, another horrifying dismal of climate change. In this case, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo decided to describe the Arctic's melting ice caps as “new opportunities for trade,” which is…

Remember ‘If Migrants Throw Rocks, Consider It A Rifle?’ Now, Militia Men Want To Put Immigrants In Gas Chambers
If you’re not up to speed on the back story, there’s a RWNJ group called the “Minutemen Militia,” whose purported role is to assist the U.S. Border Patrol — which…

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