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Robert Mueller could be a killer witness—if he chooses to be
Special counsel Robert Mueller will likely have a chance to make a big a difference in the course of American history, if he chooses to take it. The House Judiciary…

Congress hasn't seen Trump's taxes, but Deutsche Bank has ... thanks to Ivanka
One of the things that was made clear in Michael Cohen’s testimony to Congress was that Donald Trump has committed bank fraud. Just like his campaign manager, Paul Manafort, Trump…

Cashing in on cruelty, John Kelly joins the board of a company that houses detained migrant children
John Kelly, the former White House chief of staff and so-called “grown-up in the room,” is cashing in after his stint babysitting Donald Trump. The onetime Department of Homeland Security director is going…

Nancy Pelosi on Barr Testimony - Connect the dots
Nancy Pelosi commented on Wednesday’s testimony given before the Senate Judiciary Committee by Attorney General William Barr. I could comment, but other than saying for the umpteenth time that Nancy…

Fox News says white Democratic Rep. is being racist against Barr—who is white—Twitter responds
If you don’t know who Fox News “personalities” Diamond and Silk are, then count yourself blessed. The two women have made a name for themselves in the conservative racist-sphere for…

Trump talked to Putin about 'Russia hoax,' but didn't mention Russian interference in the election
On Friday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders appeared on the White House lawn to inform the public that Donald Trump had called up Russian leader Vladimir Putin to chat…

House Judiciary Committee in direct talks with Mueller re him testifying
Per The Hill citing three TV news outlets: The House Judiciary Committee is no longer negotiating with the perjurer Bill Barr’s Department of Justice re Special Counsel Robert Mueller testifying,…

House Democrats pass bill to keep U.S. in Paris climate accord, Senate rejection almost certain
Quite a number of Republican politicians have softened their erstwhile rhetoric on the climate crisis lately. They’ve stepped away from language like “hoax” and say they agree that the climate is changing…

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