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Trump vents rage at firefighters union's Biden endorsement with fascinating series of retweets
Donald Trump is not doing a good job hiding how nervous he is about former Vice President Joe Biden’s entry into the Democratic presidential primary. Trump spent Wednesday morning retweeting…

McConnell's smoking age bill is less about public health than helping big tobacco
A couple of weeks ago, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell spent redacted Mueller report reveal day by announcing his reelection campaign, and showcased what was going to be his new…

AG Barr's 3 strikes: lying about Mueller's report, lying to Congress, lying at his press conference
Attorney General William Barr lied, lied, and lied again about the findings of Robert Mueller's Russia probe. Not only did we think that, Mueller himself thought it too, sending a…

Federal judge rules House Democrats' emoluments case against Trump can continue
A federal judge has denied a motion by Donald Trump's lawyers to dismiss an emolument claim against Trump as president filed by House Democrats. Trump's team argued that the Constitution's…

Trump's Pitiful Ignorance of Fiscal Policy is Driving His Dangerous Assault on America's Economy
The risks posed by the unprecedented incompetence of Donald Trump are more apparent with each passing day. He has damaged our nation's relationships with decades-long allies while cozying up to…

Whoa: Mueller told Barr his summary failed to capture ‘context, nature, and substance’ of probe
The Washington Post is up with a super juicy story revealing that special counsel Robert Mueller was not the least bit happy with Attorney General William Barr’s initial summarization of the Russia…

The economy is all Trump has left to run on—and even that poses real problems for him
Donald Trump's only positive issue worthy of touting as a reason for re-election is an economy that just keeps plugging along. Other than that, people largely weren't impressed and mostly disliked…

2019's answer to the Trump baby blimp: A giant farting Trump statue
Don Lessem is a renowned dinosaur expert and author, and a somewhat less renowned Trump hater. But he’s hoping to up his Trump-hectoring game with the upcoming international unveiling of…

Barr Stonewalls Jerry Nadler’s Request For Mueller Interview and His Own: But Don’t Worry, It Won’t Last
Many people wondered when or even if, Robert Mueller was going to take a public stance on William Barr’s misleading four page summary, or if he essentially agreed with the…

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