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Trump's new big lie: Women and doctors are plotting to execute newborn babies
Donald Trump returned over the weekend to what CNN accurately described as his “incendiary falsehood” that parents and doctors are “executing” newborn babies. Trump’s brazen lie came in response to…

'What Are You Trying to Hide?' Democrats Threaten Subpoena as Barr Suggests Canceling Testimony
With Attorney General William Barr reportedly threatening to cancel his scheduled testimony before the House Judiciary Committee this week over objections to the format of the hearing, Rep. Jerry Nadler…

Krugman:The American people deserve to be told the truth
Paul Krugman’s salon piece in the New York Times, Armpits, White Ghettos, and Contempt, is a powerful piece about how the Republican party really feels about, and treats the so-called “Real America.” He gives examples,…

The GOP will do nothing to stop Trump—he is its useful idiot
With the release of the Mueller report, it is quite clear that Donald Trump has obstructed justice and lied to the American people, and, while there are no definitive links between…

While Dotard Trump Was Lying to His Deplorable Disciples, the WHCA Was Telling the Truth About Him
If there is one thing that has been unambiguously affirmed about Donald Trump, it's that he is a rank coward (with an emphasis on "rank"). It goes back at least…

Impeachment just might be too good for Trump and company, they need to go jail
On June 23, 1972, President Richard M. Nixon had a conversation with his chief of staff, H.R. Haldeman, about the growing investigation into members of his reelection committee who had broken…

drumpf Will Not Bestow Teacher of The Year Award This Year Because…. Reasons.
(Above: The clear winner in all this, obviously, Teacher of The Year Rodney Robinson) The citrus colored colostomy bag will not be attending this year’s Teacher of The Year presentation, breaking a…

Do you want to win or do you want to impeach? You won't have both.
I want us to impeach and convict the president. Unfortunately, our country is so uninformed that I know Donald Trump and his cabal will take advantage of the impeachment better…

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