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Attorney General Barr threatening to cancel House testimony if questioning is done by lawyers
This week Trump Attorney General William Barr is scheduled to testify to the House and Senate Judiciary committees. That was the plan, at least: Now comes word that Barr is…

on golf day 185 we're reminded of what's important to Trump
Trump called the FBI “scum”, last night at his WWE-style rally in Green Bay WI, yet they were a first line of defense when the Poway, CA shooter posted his…

Here's a Important "Infrastructure" Report you may have Missed
It was a Bi-partisan report too — on Election Infrastructure. U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Russian Targeting of Election Infrastructure During the 2016 Election: Summary of Initial Findings and…

Lindsey Graham is proud to tell you he doesn't care if Trump broke the law
The gelding of Lindsey Graham is complete. If only the operation had been quicker. Watching Donald Trump hack away at his gonads with a meringue whisk for four years kind of…

Are we still acting like something we do will stop the demonization?
Maybe if we wear flags on our jackets they’ll stop saying we’re un-American. Maybe if we talk about businesses they’ll stop calling us socialists. Maybe if we talk about our…

AOC Responds to Kellyanne Conway Attacking Her, “The Hill” Frames it That AOC is the One Accusing.
(Above: *Not* Kellyanne but the brilliant Kate McKinnon’s stunningly accurate portrayal on SNL.) So, Kellyanne Conway stated on jake Tapper’s State of the Union earlier today that AOC did not tweet…

Pentagon Pushed for Weakened Regulations on Toxic Chemicals, Endangering Drinking Water of Millions of Americans
Lobbying from the Pentagon is to blame for the Trump administration's latest environmental regulatory rollback, according to reports. The EPA on Thursday released weakened guidelines for the clean-up of toxic…

Media have no regrets about promoting Russian hacking in 2016. Are they preparing for 2020 repeat?
Continuing a firm tradition of admitting no mistakes in the 2016 campaign season, and certainly offering up no apologies for glaring errors that were made, most news organizations have played down…

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