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Maxine Waters outraged by release of death-threatening terrorist: We are walking targets
Democratic U.S. House Representative Maxine Waters expressed her outrage in a press release on Friday over the decision by Federal Judge Charles B. Day to release an incredibly dangerous white extremist.…

NRA head Wayne LaPierre has told the board that he is being 'extorted' by Oliver North
Recent revelations of mismanagement and dubious dealings within the high ranks of the National Rifle Association have turned some of those cold lips into loose ones. According to a report by…

"I Hope You're Happy": In Middle of NRA Speech, Trump Signs Order to Withdraw From Global Arms Treaty
President Donald Trump announced during a speech to the National Rifle Association Friday that he is withdrawing the U.S. from a global arms treaty that aims to restrict the flow…

 The Supreme Court of Kansas just struck down a new restrictive Kansas abortion law based not on the federal guidelines of  Roe v. Wade, but based on the plain common law  language…

We Are Not Throwing Away Our Shot: HAMILTON EDITION: Saturday's Good News
2020 is our shot.  There are so many debates going on all around us about candidates and impeachment and strategies but NOTHING MATTERS BUT 2020.  Nothing. We will march and donate and…

“Fan Fiction”
The title is a description of the content of my re cent article “*sigh* OK, time to get messy” that appeared in the comments section. Actually, I got a kick out…

Rosenstein repeats the lie that Obama failed on Russia, when all the blame lies with McConnell
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein must still be worried about keeping his job. In his bizarre speech Thursday, the one where he maybe inadvertently told the world it doesn't even…

Legal professionals have some questions for William Barr's hearings next week
Next week, Attorney General William Barr will finally have to answer questions about why he lied to the American people about the findings in Robert Mueller's report and the special…

VP Pence promotes 'pro-life' stance while speaking at the NRA's annual convention
The NRA, long suspected of being a big bag of tax illegalities, spent a lot of money on candidates like Donald Trump and Mike Pence, so it makes sense that our…

Warren: Biden Sided with Credit Card Companies in passing the 2005 Bankruptcy Bill He Sponsored.
She persists. Elizabeth Warren is a fighter and she won’t back down from a policy fight. And I like it! Let me give you some quick context and then her comment…

NCAA Champion University of Virginia Cavaliers Dunk on drumpf. No Thanks to Cold Hamberders.
There are definitely very fine people in the UVA Charlottesville  Basketball program: Please follow me on Twitter @durrati

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