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FOX News Senior Legal Analyst Says Trump's Obstruction is 'Unlawful, Defenseless and Condemnable'
Ever since special counsel Robert Mueller began investigating the President, Donald Trump has been adamant that there has been "no collusion, no obstruction," and no other illegal or unethical activity…

Racist Keebler Elf Tells Amherst Students to “Accept the Results” of Mueller Probe. They Walk Out.
Former Attorney General and part time cookie maker Jeff Sessions Wednesday joined the liar’s chorus of Republican voices falsely harmonizing that The Mueller report exonerated Trump, when in fact it…

What happens next with the Mueller report? 3 essential reads
One month after Robert Mueller submitted the final report on his investigation into Donald Trump, its contents have finally been made public – meaning that the Department of Justice is…

Former Sec of State, Senator, Watergate Attorney Delivers Impeachment Plan We Need
A little-known former Secretary of State published an Op-Ed in the Washington Post that is a must-read for anyone looking for a North Star to guide us through the aftermath…

Giffords Law Center sues FEC for ignoring apparent 2016 coordination between NRA, Trump campaign
The Giffords Law Center, founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, has filed suit against the Federal Election Commission for apparently ignoring now-widely public allegations that the powerful National Rifle Association…

How much Constitution does this crisis have left?
Remember when Donald Trump refused to sell off his businesses, or put them into a blind trust, to protect both domestic policies and foreign interests of the United States? Remember…

Anita Hill unsatisfied with Biden pre-announcement phonecall after 28 years; calls it nonapology-NYT
Anita Hill was given the exact same treatment as Christine Blasey Ford when she testified before the Senate Judiciary committee in 1991, but for one exception: what happened to Ms. Hill happened…

Democrat Bre Kidman Wants to be First Non-Binary Gender Senator and Their Target is Susan Collins
Saco, Maine criminal defense attorney Bre Kidman wants to become the first Non-Binary/Queer Senator and they want to oust Susan Collins to do it. Susan Rice passed on the the…

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