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7th day in May: Don McGahn will begin the process to testify about "crazy sh*t"
On May 7, Don McGahn will submit documents on 36 topics and on the 21st he will testify before Congress. Like denial is a river in Africa, Individual-1 tries to deny the…

LOL. George Conway Dubs drumpf “Deranged Donald”, Now It’s Trending on Twitter.
George Conway has given drumpf a popular nickname…   Please follow me on Twitter @durrati  

Big Baby Trump 'Welcomes' Joe Biden to a Race that Will Be Dominated By Trump's Fear
As might be expected, Donald Trump demonstrated today that he has still not progressed emotionally from the stage of a colicky infant. In response to Joe Biden's announcement that he…

Trump calls former White House counsel Don McGahn a liar ... and won't allow him to reply
In the report from special counsel Robert Mueller, former White House counsel Don McGahn is one of the most cited witnesses. That’s because McGahn’s testimony speaks so clearly to multiple…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shuts up Donald Trump on VA services and Republican privatization
Conservatives in our culture have one abiding philosophy, the government isn’t good at doing stuff and so private industry should be in charge of doing everything. The belief is based,…

Twitter: We can't ban white supremacists because Republican politicians would get banned too
Motherboard has the inside scoop as to why Twitter executives have been so reluctant to ban white supremacist content on their platform. In a Twitter meeting, a "technical employee" explained…

Trump approved $2 million payment to North Korea to secure release of Otto Warmbier
American Otto Warmbier, a college student, was arrested in North Korea in 2016 for taking a propaganda poster. Immediately after his imprisonment he was rendered comatose, with severe brain damage; it was…

Republicans defend the use of stolen material, and leave the door open to do it again
Donald Trump is so angry when anyone even mentions Russian hacking that his staff is afraid to talk about it. Jared Kushner waves off a multi-million-dollar military action that included hacking,…

Franklin Graham Attacks Buttigieg, Says Being Gay Is ‘A Sin, Not Something To Be Flaunted’
Well, this didn’t take long at all. Franklin Graham is up on his high horse of moral superiority, letting it be known that he does not approve of Mayor Pete…

Daily Beast: ‘Everybody Is Wrong. Trump Impeachment Hearings Will Help Democrats’
It’s no secret at this point that William Barr read one thing in the Mueller report (obstruction) and then reported another (no obstruction) for the self-serving purpose of shielding Donald…

“Uncle Joe” hits the ground running.
A couple of months ago I told y’all that since I gave up bandwagons for Lent, I wasn’t planning on jumping on any anytime soon. That still holds true, there…

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