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Donald Trump Thinks the Mueller Report is a Woman, That's Why He's 'Moving On It Like a Bitch'
It's only been three days since Donald Trump's obedient lackey in the Justice Department, Attorney General William Barr, released his redacted version of the report by special counsel Robert Mueller.…

Current Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani calls former Trump attorney Don McGahn a liar
The first responsibility of being Donald Trump’s lawyer seems to be attacking Donald Trump’s previous lawyers. First, that meant Michael Cohen, and now it’s former White House Counsel Don McGahn.…

It's not just Homeland Security: All of government is being bent toward Trump's nationalist whims
As Donald Trump moves to remake the Department of Homeland Security into an agency that will carry out his most extremist (and, often, illegal) orders, from military deployments on the…

Individual-1 tries to divert attention again on golf day 183 because "Spying or Treason"
The “spy” meme is pushed by Individual-1 and his stooges to discredit the fact that the US intel community was doing one of its jobs, namely counterintelligence (CI). Whenever “spying” is…

GOP Inc., wholly owned by Donald Trump, is solidifying its alienation of college educated white vote
Robert Mueller's redacted Russia report was frankly too thorough, stunning, and damning to reduce down to any one singular conclusion. But the response to Mueller’s opus on Capitol Hill did make…

Rick Wilson Tosses “Game of Thrones” Meme Back at Trump. “Winter is Coming.”
(Above: Night King Mueller raising his legion of zombie investigations.) Drumpf really likes his Game of Thrones memes, so much so that the hit HBO show’s producers had to dispatch the…

Susan Collins calls Mueller report an 'unflattering portrayal' of Trump; oh ... burn ... please stop
Everyone’s favorite moderate Republican has stuck her dreck out once again, challenging Donald Trump in the milquetoastiest of terms over the new/old/easily predicted conclusions of the Mueller report. The Hill:…

U.S. drops from 'satisfactory' to 'problematic' on global press freedom index
The United States is dropping on an international ranking of freedom of the press, with Reporters Without Borders citing threats to journalists as a key problem. The U.S. fell three…

Yellow Vests Demonstrate in Paris as Notre Dame Donations Highlight Wealth Inequality
The contrast between the French government's and upper class's response to Monday's fire at Notre Dame and ongoing inaction to combat income inequality, was a primary driver of mass protests…

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