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The Mueller investigation ended when Barr took office—because there was no point in continuing
The fact that the Mueller investigation ended so quickly after William Barr stepped into the role of attorney general made many suspect that it was more than coincidence—and according to the…

Russia viewed Trump's victory as their victory, and when he won, they rushed in
The biggest redaction from the Mueller report is the one we can’t even see—the counterintelligence operation, the primarily FBI-led effort to to assess and counter Russian influence on Trump before and after the…

Mueller report: FBI backs up former senator's claim that Russians hacked Florida's election systems
Mother Jones reporter Pema Levy points out that one key line in Robert Mueller's findings buttresses former Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson's assertion last year that Russian military hackers had compromised…

Warren Becomes First 2020 Contender to Announce Support for Impeachment Proceedings Against Trump
Sen. Elizabeth Warren became the first 2020 Democratic presidential candidate to call for impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump on Friday. The Massachusetts Democrat decided to call on the House…

Mueller's redacted report is damning—now Democrats must amplify every damn word of it
Attorney General William Barr sold America a bill of goods when he bypassed the mountain of damning evidence amassed by special counsel Robert Mueller to give Donald Trump a get-out-of-jail-free…

Flint Residents 'Will Get Their Day In Court' After Federal Judge Rules They Can Sue EPA Over Water Crisis
As Flint, Michigan, marks five years since the city's deadly water crisis began, a federal judge ruled in favor of residents who want to sue the federal government for not…

LOL. Barr Offers Top Dems a Peek at A Less Redacted Mueller Report, They Don’t Take the Bait.
AG William Barr tried to entice six top democrats into taking a peek at a less redacted Mueller Report today, a trap that would apparently restrict their ability to discuss the…

With Nation Distracted by Mueller Report, Facebook Admits Millions of Users' Passwords Affected by Latest Privacy Breach
In what critics described as a classic "news dump," Facebook appeared to take advantage of the Mueller report capturing the nation's attention to reveal at the same time that millions…

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