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"Don't Give Hate a Platform": Facebook, Twitter Urged to Suspend Trump Following Attack on Ilhan Omar
Supporters of Rep. Ilhan Omar are urging Facebook and Twitter to suspend President Donald Trump's accounts after the president posted a video attacking the Minnesota Democrat. "We don't have to…

Funny, Republicans used the Same 1924 Law a few years ago -- AND Got the Tax Returns
Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee requested  — and got — the Tax Returns of various conservative and liberal groups, as they saw fit.  Some of which they…

This isn't the first time right-wingers used 9/11 as a weapon. Remember Limbaugh's lies about Obama?
As a New Yorker, I take Sept. 11 personally. I’ll never forget that I was travelling to work by train, going through a tunnel from Manhattan to New Jersey (I taught…

White House significantly concerned about McGahn testimony. Been briefed "in broad brush strokes"
Jonathan Karl on ABC News this morning broke some big news. The White House has been briefed “in broad brush strokes” about the Mueller report. You can watch the short…

Colorado sheriffs say they'd rather go to jail than enforce controversial 'red flag' gun control law
Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed a controversial new gun control bill into law on Friday. You might first remember Polis because the recently elected governor is both the first openly gay governor and…

Make Stealing From a Charity THE Centerpiece for Impeachment
  The State of New York has been prosecuting a civil case against Trump and his family for their many charity frauds. This doesn’t mean it cannot become a criminal…

Rupert Murdoch and Fox News continue to slowly poison our country to death
When I first watched Fox News in the late 1990’s my reaction can probably best be described as a tempered sense of horror. As a former reporter, editor, and journalism…

Cutting off Puerto Rico's Medicaid is not a 'fiscal cliff.' It will push people off a cliff—to die
After Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in September of 2017, we saw photos like the one above, of funerals across the island. The disaster death toll post-Maria was the highest…

Ivanka Goes To Africa To Empower Women In Business, While Skeptics Weigh In On Her and Trump Family Kleptocracy
The Trumps aren’t fooling anybody. ivanka is in the headlines today, because she’s sojourning in Africa, ostensibly for the purpose of a White House project “intended to boost 50 million…

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