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The Republican purge of Trump critics continues—it's Dear Leader's party now
It did not take long for Donald Trump's Republican enablers to reform the Republican National Committee into a Trump-centric mouthpiece and defender of Dear Leader's every burp and bluster. Efforts…

About that 'Back-room' Saudi Nuclear Transfer ...
National Security, preventing the proliferation of Nuclear Arms, used to be among America’s top priorities. Under the perpetual ‘garage sales’ of Donald Trump — not so much anymore. If there’s…

Fox News blatherskites: Vets who use all their benefits lack personal integrity
On the one hand, Pete Hegseth claims he never washes his hands and Brian Kilmeade gestated for nine months in a Folgers can full of bathtub gin*, so the stuff…

Colbert Mocks Trump’s Low Popularity Ratings and It’s A Hoot
Donald Trump doesn’t do well in polls these days and the E-ratings generated by The New York Times are just more grist for the mill. Stephen Colbert did a riff on his…

'Shameful': Trump Admin Revokes ICC Prosecutor's Visa Over Probe of Potential US War Crimes in Afghanistan
In a move human rights defenders decried as "shameful," the Trump administration revoked the visa of the International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor this week for trying to investigate alleged war…

Pro-KKK paper in Alabama announces sale to apparent Klan leader—then the story keeps getting weirder
A small-town Alabama newspaper continues to baffle beyond comprehension, ever since it made headlines with a Valentine’s Day editorial calling for “the Ku Klux Klan to ride again.” The newest episode…

The Trump “base” revisited.
You know, for 22 months, we had Robert Mueller coming out of our ears. Mueller was like the weather, he was everywhere. The media helped to fuel this feeding frenzy…

Motel 6 Ordered to pay $12M Dollar Fine After Sharing Guest Info with ICE…Again.
Motel 6 has been fined 12 million dollars for sharing guest information to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, information provided by paying guests, apropos nothing but suspicions based on bigotry and…

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