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Trump's Friday stunt at Lake Okeechobee to rationalize the golf weekend in Florida
Today, President Donald J. Trump will travel to Canal Point, FL to tour Lake Okeechobee and the Herbert Hoover Dike. Because we do want to be reminded of Herbert Hoover when…

GOP 'Terrified' of AOC: Trump Jr. and Party Take Aim at N.Y. Dem
Hillary Clinton is no longer the most targeted Republican foe—that dubious honor, ahead of the 2020 election, belongs to freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The New York Democrat's rise to prominence…

Watch raving hypocrite Sen. Lindsey Graham make the case for impeaching Donald Trump
Sen. Lindsey Graham lost his mind a long time ago, but resurfaces as something resembling a human being from time to time, only to return—more intensely—into the realm of madness.…

Republicans are afraid of a radical, fringe theory ... called 'democracy'
While Republicans from Congress to the Justice Department continue the great work of turning America into a place where every aspect of the government is completely under the control of a…

If the Report "Exonerates" Trump, Then They have Nothing to Worry about -- Show us the "Exoneration"
I’m usually pretty good at ‘detecting patterns’, but this one is a slam-dunk.  What do you notice about that short list of Special/Independent Counsel investigations above?  What do they ALL…

Every day that passes decreases the odds the public will ever see the Mueller report
America ordered an encyclopedia, but got a pamphlet. From the small amount of information that has leaked, it appears that the actual report delivered by Robert Mueller is 100 times…

Breaking: Trump Threatens To Close Mexican Border Next Week
If there is a Goddess of Diplomacy on Mt. Olympus, Diplomite, or some such name, she is probably ready to slash her wrists right about now. Donald Trump has already…

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