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Devin Nunes Calls for Mueller Report to be “Burned up” on Fox News, Twitter Responds.
Devin Nunes, still out there taking a jackhammer to the Overton window…. (Thie post was created exclusively for PolitiZoom by Dino Durrati)

Whether Impeached or Voted Out or Stays Put, Ocasio-Cortez Says Trump 'Symptom of Much Deeper Problems'
Amid widespread speculation over the weekend stirred by the submission of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report to the Department of Justice, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said on Sunday that the most…

Trump Attorney General Barr delivers 'summary' of Mueller report's principal conclusions to Congress
Trump Attorney General Bill Barr has now delivered his own summary of the "principal conclusions" of the Robert Mueller probe into Russian espionage efforts during the 2016 elections and what…

Nunes speaking engagement canceled over credible threats of mooing, cowbells (seriously)
If a conservative ever, ever, ever calls you a snowflake, show them this. (No, seriously, print it out, stick it in your wallet, give it to them, and just walk…

As world waits on Mueller report summary, Trump's aides attempt to keep him from 'rash' actions
While we wait for Trump Attorney General Bill Barr to review the final report describing what Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team were able to decipher, in the tangled…

Daily Beast: ‘WH Lawyers Plan To Tell House Judiciary To Go F**k Themselves’
Beware the ides of March — or indeed, the entire month, if you’re a resident of Trumpworld. Trump started raging against the House addressing 81 individuals/entities who were requested to…

Trump, GOP keep bullying Twitter and Facebook because they keep caving in
First of all, yes: We should all still be laughing at the lawsuit that former California Rep. Devin Nunes filed against Twitter, claiming a couple of anonymous accounts, one run by a…

Second Parkland Shooting Survivor Commits Suicide. Enjoy Your ARs, Gun-nuts.
Last Sunday it was beautiful and vibrant 19 year old Sydney Aiello. And now a second Parkland survivor apparently a sophomore, has ended his life, tragically, with a gun. “A second Parkland…

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