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At Mar-a-Lago last night: "Lock her up" chants, images of Lincoln in a red MAGA hat
Is true — it’s still early on a Saturday, so fair warning — seeing this might upset your tummy. Friday night was the “The Lincoln Day Dinner,” hosted by the Republican Party of…

Comedians tread where the MSM dares not: Individual 1 has Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Prompted by a tweet from George “Dispatches from the Guestroom Futon” Conway, viz: ...Jimmy Kimmel demonstrates it with video clips. (Skip to 1:32 if you want to avoid Kellyanne Conway…

Leaked Audio Exposes Oil & Gas Execs Laughing With Joy Over Cozy Access to Trump Officials
A newly-leaked audio recording reveals that oil and gas executives in a private meeting were "giddy" with laughter in the summer of 2017 as they rejoiced over the "unprecedented access"…

Idiot Shows Up at Kamala Harris Rally with an AR, Mercilessly Mocked on Twitter.
(Christopher Cadelago is a Politico reporter.) Please follow me on Twitter @durrati

Greg Sargent Reports “Epic Clash” Looms Over Release of Mueller Report.
Multiple news orgs are now reporting that an "epic clash" looms between White House and Congress over how much of Mueller report will get released. So we've all politely agreed…

Jared Kushner Agrees To Comply With House Democrats’ Document Requests, Salacious Affairs and All
The wheels of justice move slowly, but, ultimately, they grind exceedingly fine. As you recall, a few weeks ago the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerrold Nadler, (D-NY) asked…

Ben Carson's daily schedules suggest he's not exactly burning the midnight oil over at HUD
The results of Freedom of Information Act requests for Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson's daily schedules are finally in. It's not clear why a FOIA request was even…

Mueller has provided his 'closing document' to the attorney general, what happens now?
Robert Mueller has completed his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. For the moment, we don’t know a lot more than that. From the letter delivered to Congress…

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