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Trump pal Roger Stone invokes Fifth Amendment, declining to cooperate with House Judiciary
Donald Trump's White House has stonewalled congressional oversight at every turn, and it should perhaps come as no surprise that longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone invoked his Fifth Amendment rights Thursday in…

Trump gets $2.9 million payday earlier this month from mysterious real estate buyer
Well, here's another thing for House Democrats to scrutinize: Donald Trump sold a $2.9 million Manhattan condo earlier this month to a mystery buyer for a premium price. Forbes reports that…

Republicans praise 'American hero' McCain, but don't have much to say about the man trashing him
Senate Republicans showed their courage and loyalty in defense of an old friend under attack by Donald Trump … which is to say, Senate Republicans showed that they don’t have much…

Marco Rubio pretends Republicans have principles about the Supreme Court
Sen. Marco Rubio, the off-again-on-again Republican from Florida who will always be angling for the White House, has a deep thought about "protecting" the sanctity of the Supreme Court. It basically…

Trump's point person on Moscow real estate deal to get a workout by House Democrats
House Democrats have lined up three hearings in the coming week with the Russian-born U.S. businessman who served as the point person on the Trump Tower Moscow project. Felix Sater, who worked directly…

More Bad Nunes-News: 2010 Video Shows Nunes Defending the “N” Word
It’s certainly no secret that the “R” in Republican stands for racism to many. Now, Devin Nunes puts yet another brick into that wall. Briefly, when ObamaCare was passed in…

Trump did NOT say he was going to make the Mueller report public, no matter how it's reported
On Wednesday afternoon, Donald Trump seemed to endorse the idea of releasing any final report from special counsel Robert Mueller to the public, saying “Let the people see it” and declaring…

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