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Trump doesn't condemn white supremacists, he hires them: Corey Stewart takes over Trump PAC
On Friday, Donald Trump dismissed the idea that white supremacists constitute a rising threat. asked about the issue, Trump’s response was simple enough. “I don’t really. I think it’s a…

Pressure Point 101
There used to be an old saying, but you don’t hear it so much anymore. When somebody would do something shocking, and outside of the norms, everybody else would exclaim,…

Report: 14 million students are in schools with police but no counselors, nurses, or social workers
The ACLU has released a report that supports what many advocates have been saying for decades: The only real funding in our public schools is of police, not of our…

Australian Senator who blamed Christchurch NZ attack on Muslim immigration gets egged
Australian Senator Fraser Anning released a statement blaming Muslim immigration for the New Zealand terror attack and at a presser got an egg for his trouble the next day. Anning struck the…

While We Debate Pelosi’s Stance, GOP Advancing Trope that Her Inaction Proves Trump’s Innocence.
If the last thirty years have proven anything they show that Democrats often lose the messaging wars because Republicans pick a message they want to drum into the public’s mind…

Watch Laura Ingraham and Guest on Her Show Mock A Nine Year Old Climate Activist.
Well, I suppose there are bigger stories to weigh in on today, but perhaps none so indicative of the poison being pumped into the brains of Fox views as this:…

New Zealand prime minister announces that 'our gun laws will change'
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spent the day following the shooting visiting with the families of victims, trying to console them in their grief and listening to their stories…

Vowing Gun Reforms and Calling for 'Love for All Muslim Communities,' New Zealand PM Praised for Leadership After Mosque Attacks
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern awed American gun control advocates Friday night when she announced that her administration would promptly pursue changes to her country's gun laws following the…

Testing reveals unsafe drinking water in schools across America. Little is being done about it.
While Republicans invent new tax cuts for billionaires and wealthy Americans bribe colleges to admit their dullard children, the rest of the American education system continues to be largely ignored…

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