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Speaker Nancy Pelosi evicts Vice President Pence from his office in the Capitol building
Elections matter, right? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is exercising some of her reclaimed powers as the leader of the House’s Democratic majority. According to NPR, Pelosi has kicked Vice President…

Reagan biographer attacks AOC's intelligence on Twitter and gets demolished by AOC on Twitter
New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a lightning rod for the conservative party and the centrist business class. She represents a lot of scary change for a lot of comfortable…

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff says he'll call Robert Mueller to testify if the report is not released
By law, Special Counsel Robert Mueller will produce a final report including information on charges that did not go forward because of insufficient evidence—or because of foolish rules from the…

The Koch Brothers are hopping mad in Colorado, and their stooges are throwing tantrums
Something very unusual occurred yesterday in the Colorado state legislature.  Well on their way to passing a comprehensive bill overhauling the regulation of gas and oil industries’ operations within the state, Colorado Senate…

With Blocked Ads Proving Her Point, Warren Says Facebook Shouldn't Have Power to Decide What Is and Isn't Allowed for 'Robust Debate'
In a move Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) described as a perfect example of why her plan to break up tech giants is necessary, Facebook late Monday took down ads from…

Trump—and Fox—are lying about a corporate lobbyist being 'the founder of Greenpeace'
Donald Trump spent Tuesday morning binge-watching Fox and excitedly tweeting out everything he saw. Honestly, it’s lucky America didn’t get an update about Matthew McConaughey’s driving choices, or those bears…

Republicans no longer need Russia to create fake pop-up news sites—they're doing it for themselves
A Republican media group is creating a swath of propaganda sites—sites that purport to be outlets for local media, but which actually push content created by big Republican donors. They’re using…

Revealed: Donald Trump Says Airliner Jets ‘Too Complicated To Fly’ — Back To Bi-Planes?
If you’re just now tuning in, Donald Trump, in the wake of the tragic Boeing 737 airplane crash in Ethiopia, which claimed 157 lives, decided to tweet. Naturally, he had…

Melania Mistakes Australian Politician For Minister’s Wife, Can’t Grok That The Woman Was The Leader
Donald and Melania Trump were on a visit to the UN in 2017, and Melania met then-Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and her husband David. The only problem was, Melania got…

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