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Sen. Sherrod Brown schools Chuck Todd on Democratic Leftward move narrative
Chuck Todd did what he does by attempting to put Democrats on the spot with poorly spun and interpreted narratives. Senator Sherrod Brown would have none of it. Instead, he…

Kellyanne's Husband Re-christens Trump #SummaCumLiar. Wall Is NOT Being Built
Kellyanne Conway continues to spout the Trump Koolaid, claiming that a border wall is the only way to keep drugs out of America, even when she is completely wrong.  Her…

If Sarah Huckabee Sanders won't host press briefings, why is she still getting paid?
White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has hosted just one press briefing in the past 81 days, obliterating all records for media non-compliance. This accelerated strategy to choke off press briefings…

HA! Trump Goes To War With Ann Coulter, Claiming He’s ‘Stopping An Invasion’ With His Wall
OMG, this is rich. This is supremely hilarious. Let me give you the backstory on this. In December, Ann Coulter, bitch-slapped Trump in a column she wrote.  “On the basis…

US Blamed Venezuelan President for Burning Aid Trucks. Wrong.
On February 23, a caravan of large cargo trucks was crossing a bridge from Colombia into Venezuela delivering food and other aid when they dramatically went up in flames. US…

Bill Nye surprises Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at SXSW to talk Green New Deal and 'fear' of change
If you thought millennials couldn’t love New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez more, just wait until you see this video of her chatting with none other than beloved climate activist and television…

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