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First Tweets: the unhingery continues... Individual-1 tries to frighten his followers
Trump runs out of reasons now that his checks to reimburse the hush money payoffs have been shown. Denial is what remains on the day that Paul Manafort gets sentenced. His…

ABCNews -Two Sources Claim Giuliani Used Lawyers as Plants to Keep Cohen from Turning on Trump
Remember during Michael Cohen’s Feb. 27th testimony when he said, “Unfortunately, this topic is something that’s being investigated right now by the Southern District of New York, and I’ve been…

Lawyers tied to Rudy Giuliani tried to keep Cohen from testifying against Trump
Before his public testimony before the House Oversight Committee, Michael Cohen was the subject of several threatening tweets by Donald Trump that went after his family. On television, Trump attorney…

OMG! Glenn Beck Compares Trump To James Bond, Says Trump’s The Last Male Role Model
Jesus, take the wheel. RWNJ talk radio host Glenn Beck didn’t used to like Donald Trump. Two years ago he compared him to Hitler. Then, in the face of flagging…

Democrats have to investigate the Trump crime family, no matter how much outrage Donald spews
House Democrats may be worried that investigating Donald Trump’s offspring will get “real personal, real fast” and “risks backfiring,” in the words of Rep. Gerry Connolly, but the Trumps aren't exactly…

Trump administration responds to House investigations the only way it knows how: attack and delay
The Trump administration will finally face some basic congressional oversight now that Democrats control the House and it’s responding about how you’d expect: delaying and attacking. The attacks are intended to…

Michael Cohen is suing the Trump Organization for failing to pay his legal fees after 2017 agreement
It’s a day that ends in “y,” so you know that means. There is a new legal battle ahead for Donald Trump and the Trump Organization, currently being managed by his…

Colorado cops swarm and pull guns on black college student picking up trash in his own yard
An internal affairs investigation has been launched and community members are demanding answers after viral video showed police officers confronting a college student as he picked up trash in front of his…

Jared Kushner Does End Run Around State Department In Recent Trip To Saudi Arabia, Buddy MBS Ran The Show
Jared Kushner made a recent trip to Saudi Arabia and met with the royal court there. Unfortunately, he elected to leave the U.S. Embassy out of the loop. They don’t…

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Trump is about to get po’. Real quick. And it’s up to congress to ensure it.

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