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A Mar-a-Lago dentist scribbled up a new government proposal: Trump forwarded it to the VA
After the 2016 elections, Donald Trump's private Mar-a-Lago club, which he still personally profits from because he refused to divest from it and from other businesses, steeply raised membership rates…

Trump sons quietly fire hunting retreat caretaker after 18 years of (undocumented) service
Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are stark reminders that there is no such thing as a “master race.” While it remains to be seen whether one or the other,…

Did Trump get a score of 400 on his SATs? #SummaCumLiar
Feb 27, 2019 · Cohen says he 'threatened' schools over possible release of President Trump's SAT scores or grades. Unfortunately, trying to suppress grades and test scores only makes the search more enticing. Michael Cohen did…

RICO, the racketeering statute used to bring down mob bosses, might ultimately seal Trump's fate
The sheer depth and breadth of crimes Donald Trump and his extended network have been implicated in is mind boggling to most Americans. But the extensive malfeasance is also emblematic of…

Candidate for dumbest Republican in Congress compares WWII's Normandy to El Paso
Trump’s Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen answered questions (poorly) in front of the House Immigration and Homeland Security Committee Wednesday. Democratic representatives asked Nielsen questions about family separation policies and…

Trump is about to get po’. Real quick. And it’s up to congress to ensure it.
I have written before, and I say it again now, Donald Trump never wanted to be President. That was obvious from the start. He looked around, saw 16 other at…

Rand Paul touts 'liberty' over the 'false sense of security' given by ... vaccinating your kids
Sen. Rand Paul, the offspring of father Rep. Ron Paul and a particularly flamboyant fundraising list, makes a show of being a mavericky libertarian type while bucking his party as…

Watch Dems Destroy Kirstjen Nielsen in Committee Today. Thanks, Aaron Rupar.
(Aaron Rupar is a reporter for Vox.) This is gonna leave a mark. Underwood is a future star. Hell, she’s a present star. Dog pens or cages? Dog pens or…

Bernie Defends Ilhan Omar, Says "Legitimate Criticism" of Israel Is Not Anti-Semitism
Bernie, who is Jewish, defended Ilhan Omar, one of the first two Muslim women in Congress, from bogus charges of anti-Semitism. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) defended Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) Wednesday amid an avalanche of criticism…

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