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Two congressmen just referred Jared Kushner to the Dept. of Justice for criminal investigation
Rep. Ted Lieu and Rep. Don Beyer Jr. have officially referred Jared Kushner to the Department of Justice for criminal investigation after reports Donald Trump ordered that Kushner receive top-secret security…

Trump says he was joking about Russia getting Hillary's emails—it would be funny, except it's not
If Donald Trump didn't behave like the epitome of a Russian asset, it would be laughable that he tried claiming he was joking when he said at a July 2016…

The circular firing squad: How Donald Trump and Fox News assassinate the truth
During the Bush years, former Fox News CEO and serial groper Roger Ailes famously authored a set of daily “talking points.” The themes and phrases that came out of Ailes’s…

House Intelligence Committee hires Russia expert from SDNY team to lead investigation
House committees don’t include just representatives; they also have staffs, and Democrat Adam Schiff just made a major upgrade to the staff of the House Intelligence Committee by adding an experienced prosecutor.…

Democrats vow to 'get to the bottom of' Trump's attempt to interfere in media merger to spite CNN
Congressional Democrats are vowing to "get to the bottom" of the item included in a blockbuster investigative report Monday revealing that Individual 1 pressured White House staff to intervene with the…

Trump can't be bothered to celebrate women's sports champions, even with cold fast food
Donald Trump’s relationships with championship sports teams have made news several times, whether it’s a fast food buffet for the Clemson Tigers or an invitation to the Golden State Warriors…

If DNC let Fox News host a debate, would any Democratic candidates even show up?
There's still no official word from the Democratic National Committee on whether it's willing to team up with Fox News and let Rupert Murdoch's channel host a coveted primary season…

Senate still doesn't know what cuts Trump will make to pay for his 'emergency' wall
The Senate is ready to vote against Donald Trump’s national emergency, and that’s even before senators find out which military construction projects in their own states will be cut to pay for Trump’s…

Document requests from House aren't 'attacks,' they're oversight—and a welcome return to normal
On Monday, the chairmen of the House committees on Oversight, Foreign Affairs, and Intelligence sent requests for documents from a variety of sources. Many media outlets, including of course the…

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