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White House tweets picture of Trump clinging to American flag, widespread mockery and jeers ensue
Donald Trump gave a very sweaty, very unhinged, and very much two-hour-long speech at this year’s CPAC event in National Harbor, Maryland, on Saturday. As has become his perverse ritual…

Bombshell report: Fox News rigged a debate primary, buried Stormy Daniels story before 2016 election
In an absolute bombshell report from Jane Meyer at the New Yorker, there are new details about how Sean Hannity, former (now deceased) Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, and Fox owner Rupert Murdoch…

Rep. Matt Gaetz's "Apology" to Cohen - Michael's Response Really IS Worth Reading
Some history, in case you were sleeping against a tree-trunk for the last couple weeks: ………...or skip to the bottom for just the response………. First, the original tweet Gaetz is…

Trump's not stable—and that should be a huge news story
If over the weekend you saw a rambling madman give a frighteningly incoherent, sweaty, two-hour shoutfest of a speech at a right-wing summit, then you viewed a president coming unglued on…

Don Jr. and around 60 other members of Team Trump are getting document requests from House Democrats
The House Judiciary Committee is requesting documents from 60 people in its investigation of whether Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice. Those people definitely include Donald Trump Jr. and Allen Weisselberg, the…

After two years, Rep. Jim Jordan still misleading public about the Russian election-hacking probe
When Republican Rep. Jim Jordan does not want to see evidence of a crime, Republican Rep. Jim Jordan will not see evidence of that crime. That is the Jim Jordan…

Jane Mayer: FOX Becomes State TV. Gave Trump Debate Questions, Killed Stormy Daniels Story Etc
Jane Mayer brings us news regarding the nexus between Trump and Fox News and how FOX has finally reached State TV status. Ailes gave Trump debate questions in advance, FOX…

As Guaidó Returns to Venezuela, Pence Threatens 'Swift Response' If Opposition Leader Arrested
If Venezuelan authorities detain opposition leader Juan Guaidó there will be a "swift response" from the Trump administration, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence threatened Monday. Guaidó—who re-entered the country on…

Republican Rand Paul breaks with Trump on emergency declaration, will force Trump's first veto
Sen. Rand Paul is reprising his role as Mitch McConnell's home state nemesis, becoming the fourth Republican to oppose the Russian asset's national emergency declaration. He joins Sens. Susan Collins,…

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