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House Intelligence member confirms Cohen offered 'game-changing' testimony in closed-door meeting
On Thursday, Michael Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that Cohen had given the House Intelligence Committee “game-changing” information about Donald Trump and his gooey web of lies.…

Sarah Kenzior-Just indict Kushner & Ivanka & get this crime family out of the White House.
Sarah Kenzior has the most accurate view of the Trump crime family of anyone in journalism, and she is killing it this morning on AM Joy… The question is, how…

Ted Lieu Receives Invite From Kuwaiti Government; Declines Because Event’s at drumpf’s Hotel.
We all know Ted Lieu’s one of the good guys but he keeps showing us anyway… drumpf is going to hate Ted getting in his pocket, and I expect Kuwait…

Trump doesn't need Cohen anymore, the entire Republican party is now perpetrating his thuggery
When California Rep. Jackie Speier asked Michael Cohen during his congressional testimony how many times he had threatened people or entities on Donald Trump's behalf, Cohen paused momentarily, searching for how…

Maxine Waters: Deutsche Bank now cooperating, because ‘Democrats are in charge’
Maxine Waters tells Chris Hayes that last year they requested Deutsche Bank to cooperate with them, but the bank didn’t feel Democrats had the authority to request documents. Oh how times have changed. Waters,…

Rachel Maddow STOMPS Sean Hannity with 4th Straight Monthly Win vs State TV (aka FOX News)
A couple of years ago Fox News was regarded as an invincible monolith on cable news that no other network could challenge. It was a fallacy created by their catering…

*Sigh* Back in the saddle again.
Something’s happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear   The way things are   Buffalo Springfield Sweet Jesus, doesn’t 30 months just fly by when you’re having fun? It seems like only yesterday,…

Giuliani's latest claim about the hush money Trump 'funneled' to Stormy Daniels is laughable
The latest dispatch in Rudy Giuliani's ever-evolving, twisted story about the hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels is that Donald Trump wasn't aware of it "at the…

House Judiciary Committee to investigate Trump's abuses of power
Donald Trump’s abuses of power are so constant that sometimes they fade into the background of every other awful thing he’s doing—especially with congressional Republicans acting like it’s business as usual…

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