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Trump just had to tweet about Cohen testimony
Preemptive framing from Vietnam. Individual-1 had a break prior to his “social dinner” in Vietnam and needed to feed the base. Note the logical fallacies here. If a tweet appears…

Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. take to Twitter to rip on Michael Cohen's testimony
If you tuned in to Michael Cohen’s testimony this morning, you likely caught the moment when Rep. Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, pressed Cohen on whether or not he…

'Shame on you, Mr. Jordan'—Michael Cohen shuts up Republican Congressman
Rep. Jim Jordan, most recently known for allegedly being complicit in the sexual assaults of numerous Ohio State University athletes while he was an assistant coach at the school, has apparently…

Cohen testifies Don Jr. and Trump Org CFO signed check to reimburse him for hush money payment
Michael Cohen testified Wednesday that Don Jr. and Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg signed one of the reimbursement checks he received for the $130,000 hush money payment he made to…

Michael Cohen has WAY more incentive to tell the truth to Congress than to lie
Former federal prosecutor Mimi Rocah explained on MSNBC Wednesday why Michael Cohen had every incentive to tell the truth during his testimony before Congress. Not only would lying cause trouble…

Taking a page from the dictator's handbook, Trump blocks U.S. wire service reporters from Kim dinner
Trump administration officials excluded wire service reporters from Donald Trump’s dinner with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un after two of the reporters asked awkward questions about denuclearization and Michael Cohen…

'Shocking' Report Reveals Thousands of Migrant Children Have Been Sexually Abused While in US Custody
A House hearing on the Trump administration's family separation policy on Tuesday revealed that thousands of children in U.S. custody over the past five years have been subjected to sexual…

A Star is Born! Lawrence O’Donnell Lauds Katie Porter’s Questioning of Equifax CEO.
Wow! The praise doesn’t come much higher than this, on The Last Word last night, Lawrence O’Donnell applauds Freshman Congresswoman Katie Porter for her aggressive questioning of Eqifax CEO Mark Begor…

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