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Trump campaign staffer sues, says he gave her 'super-creepy and inappropriate' kiss on the lips
Donald Trump has a long record of touching and kissing women without their consent. During the 2016 campaign, sixteen women came forward with allegations of sexual harassment or sexual assault against Trump,…

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: McCabe and Mr. Mueller (aka War and a Piece of the Action)
Jeff Toobin reviews Andrew McCabe’s book: In his new book, the former acting director of the F.B.I. speaks with bracing directness about what was going on in the Trump-Russia investigation…

ESPN: Robert Kraft "not the biggest name involved [in FL sex trafficking investigation]"
From ESPN’s Adam Schefter by way of the Daily Beast, it seems New England Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft is one of a number of wealthy and powerful men ensnared by…

Former Obama DOJ Official: “Mueller’s Found A Coven”.
If Robert Mueller is on a with hunt former Obama Era Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal says he is doing a bang-up job…. Huffington Post “Former acting Solicitor General Neal…

These are dangerous times
It was challenging to keep up with all of the news this past week, as well as the downright bizarre behavior of the current White House resident. Some things still managed to stand out, and they…

Team Trump planning to create 'working group' focused on dismissing federal climate change reports
There is no substantive debate on whether the world's climate is changing, and on mankind's role as prime cause of that change. We have taken the measurements, and can track…

HUH? FOX News' Math-Challenged Hosts Declare that Ocasio-Cortez's Free Market Salaries are Communism
The disease that infects the talking headcases at Fox News is apparently degenerative and causes its victims to decline ever further into the abyss of cognitive infirmity. This is especially…

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