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On Tuesday, Americans can watch Republicans betray the Constitution—and the country—in real time
On Tuesday, the House will hold a vote weighing in on Donald Trump’s declaration that people attempting to cross our southern border without authorization (a misdemeanor offense) constitutes a “National…

Uber-wealthy 'Sidewalk Sally' assaults family in park over one-year old sitting on sidewalk
“BBQ Becky.” “Permit Patty.” ”Pool Patrol Paul.” ”Cornerstore Caroline.” I guess i should be numb to this by now, yet this one tears into me.  Jumping out of your Jag to yell about…

FOX News Brazenly Lies to Smear Democrats Who Were on a Mission of Mercy to Reduce Global Poverty
On a day when there is an abundance of newsworthy stories to report, Fox News went out of its way to deliberately spread false accusations aimed at Democratic members of…

Trump's advisers worried our dunce of a president will give away the store in North Korea talks
It's hard to believe a lifelong conman could get conned this easily. Then again, if there is anything truly special about Donald J. Trump it’s his unique pastiche of insensate evil…

Paul Manafort Will Die In Prison, Mueller Calling For 17-22 Years Sentence
Here it is, the de facto life sentence for Paul Manafort. The guideline is purportedly over 800 pages, so I fail to see how a position has not been taken.…

More Powerful Women In The Crosshairs, Pelosi, Giffords In NRA Article Next To ‘Target Practice’
What a week this has been in the nuanced-not world of Donald Trump and thugs. First, Roger Stone chimed in Monday, putting judge Amy Berman Jackson next to a clear and…

Coming Soon, An Ocasio-Cortez Comic Book, Featuring Congresswoman As ‘Butt-Kicking Superhero’
The innovators of the “Barack the Barbarian” comic series, Devi’s Due comics, have come up with a new title, to be released May 15, the “mother of all one-off commemorative comics: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…

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