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Desperate Donald won't rule out using stolen material in 2020—unlike every Democratic candidate
The unpopularly elected Donald Trump knows something deep down in the recesses of his addled brain: Without millions of dollars of illegal Russian-funded help, he might never have been elected. And…

Donald Trump tried to reward a Mar-a-Lago member with billions extorted from Qatar
In April of 2018, Donald Trump pushed the Qatari sovereign wealth fund—the same fund that had recently bailed out Jared Kushner—to engage in a risky deal involving a nuclear power…

police blotter: Mueller's sentencing memo on Manafort is due tonight with new details on crimes
Today’s Manafort sentencing memo could reveal numerous crimes even more worrisome to the WH. WASHINGTON (AP) — Special counsel Robert Mueller is filing a sentencing memorandum in one of the…

Mueller report now apparently NOT coming next week
This announcement brought to you by the National Association of Reporters Who Cried Wolf. Again. After days of reports that the special counsel investigation under Robert Mueller was going to…

So How's Your Tax Refund? Thanks to GOP Tax Scam, Big Banks Made Extra $28 Billion Last Year
While headlines continue to proliferate about average Americans discovering they will not receive the tax return they were expecting—and in many cases, depending on—new federal date released Thursday showed that…

Manafort's troubles deepen as New York reportedly has charges waiting if Trump doles out a pardon
Paul Manafort has gone to great lengths to lie and obscure the truth about his activities during his time as Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign manager, as well as about what he’s…

U.S. farmers have received $7.7 billion (so far) in aid to offset Trump's disastrous trade policies
One economic expert after another said Donald Trump’s tariff war with China, Mexico, and other key trading partners would not benefit the United States, and now U.S. taxpayers are stuck…

Press gorges on the Jussie Smollett story, bypasses right-wing terrorist plotting to kill Democrats
Journalism is based on judgment and on deciding which stories to cover and which stories to downplay. This week, lots of national news organizations opted to focus relentlessly on the unfolding story…

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