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Roger Stone Posts Threatening Picture Of Judge Amy Berman With Crosshairs Near Her Head
Roger Stone posted this bizarre shot on Instagram. This is the text from Stone’s Instagram account. “Through legal trickery Deep State hitman Robert Mueller has guaranteed that my upcoming show…

Trump Openly Endorses Jailing Robert Mueller. Somehow, It Is Not Huge News.
The weekend had plenty of important stories arising from the lunatic in the White House: — Chris Wallace actually did a pretty good job of nailing Steven Miller to the…

Ivanka Sits In Stunned Silence As Angela Merkel Shreds Daddy’s Trade War With Europe
The Munich Security Conference was not kind to Mike Pence, who was given the silent treatment when he brought “greetings from Donald Trump” over the weekend and not even one…

First Tweets: the unhingery takes a new same turn for Individual-1
He’s still taking the Andrew McCabe interview and book as hard as he took the James Comey book.  Apparently,  McCabe and Rod Rosenstein were doing their job. Individual-1 again acknowledged getting…

California is 'ready to go' with lawsuit against Trump's wall, state attorney general says
One of the most unhinged (which is saying something) parts of Donald Trump’s announcement that he was declaring a national emergency to build a border wall involved him sing-songing a list of…

Border wall national 'emergency,' weekend 1: Trump hits the golf club omelet bar
Donald Trump spent the weekend letting the nation know just how urgent his national emergency is by … spending his 171st day in office at the golf course, where he hit the omelet bar.…

Who Else Might Like Medicare for All? Retired Coal Miners Who Just Had Their Health Benefits Ripped Away
On Friday, a ruling by a federal bankruptcy judge in Texas showed why retired coal miners led to believe their health benefits would be with them for life were wrong…

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