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Rich guy says taxing rich guys is wrong
Bill Gates is not happy. Bill Gates does not think he should pay any more in taxes than he already does. Bill Gates has a net worth of $96.5 billion.…

Lindsey Graham says Kentucky students are better off with a border wall than a new school
Sen. Graham, whatever Donald Trump has on you, it can’t possibly be more embarrassing than the stuff you’ve been saying on TV. Just let the photos of you wearing a…

It's on.... Mueller subpoenaed a Cambridge Analytica director
Lest we get distracted by #NotesFromTheNationalEmergency, there were lights under bushels in #TrumpRussia. Remember who owned CambAnal (The Mercers) and who was in charge of it (Steve Bannon). One part of…

Adam Schiff: Evidence of collusion 'in plain sight,' Mueller may not have final word
Well, this almost seems designed to make Donald Trump lose his omelet. On CNN’s State of the Union this morning, House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff not only said that collusion is…

The 2020 Trump strategy, and why scandal is our own worst enemy
Given how well our economy is doing, Donald Trump is a surprisingly unpopular president. The only president who’s been less popular at any point in his term to date has been…

First Tweets: thin-skinned Individual-1 claims he's working while golfing
We know that he’s paying attention to SNL and the criticisms of his emergency declaration by its explicit omission. Yet he makes another attack on the media with more lies…

BREAKING NEWS: President Of Belarus Pushes For Union With Russia
In a week filled with many unappealing stories this is one of them that has got to take the shitcake. The president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has been openly called…

500 people attend Drag Queen Story Hour at California library, wildly outnumber protestors
If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where drag queens volunteer their time to read to locals, like children, the elderly, or those in hospitals, you’ve probably already…

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