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Pelosi has a message for Trump: 'There will not be another shutdown'
The White House can make all the threats it wants about executive power and shutdowns and national emergencies. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows she retains the authority of Congress to…

Matthew Whitaker refuses to appear unless Democrats put away their subpoena
The news from the Department of Justice on Thursday seems to indicate that noted scam attorney, peddler of male-enhancement toilets, and acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker may just not understand…

House Democrats begin process of obtaining Trump's taxes with Thursday hearing on tax law
Donald Trump’s repeated calls to end investigations during his State of the Union address were taken by many as a threat, but if Democrats in the House saw it that…

Report: Net neutrality comment fraud linked with former Trump campaign official and Roger Stone
Millions of suspected fraudulent comments that flooded in during the FCC’s comment period running up to its unpopular repeal of net neutrality protections have been linked to a former Trump campaign…

Border Town in Arizona to Trump: Tear Down This 'Inhuman' Wall... of Razor Wire
It was, in a way, Reaganesque.  On Wednesday night, the city council of Nogales—an Arizona border town with a population of 20,000 people—unanimously passed a resolution calling for the Trump…

Coming soon to a Trumper Tantrum near you
Well, the walls are closing in on Der Gropinfuror at long last. Which will put the Pampers President under even more pressure. But if there’s one thing that can be…

With Major Party Backing, Ocasio-Cortez and Markey Unveil Green New Deal Outlining 'WWII Scale Transformation'
In a path-breaking effort to map out a plan that would transition the American energy system to 100 percent renewable energy while creating millions of jobs in the process, Rep.…

Trump starts the day complaining about investigations, saying 'Republicans never did this to Obama'
Donald Trump has spent more than 60 percent of his time in the last month in “unstructured executive time,” meaning hours in which he watches Fox News and tweets his unfiltered…

House Democrats announce complete do-over on GOP's shoddy, truncated Russia investigation
Last year, House Republicans absolved Donald Trump and his campaign of any wrongdoing when they delivered their report saying they found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and…

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