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Trump can't handle the truth—and the truth is he's both ignorant and wrong on Intelligence
It's sometimes impossible to comprehend the sheer breadth and depth of Donald Trump's incompetence in all things related to the position he now occupies. But his ongoing row with his…

Mitch McConnell allows Trump to treat government like a reboot of 'The Apprentice'
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seems to have a singular focus: getting as many right-wing extremist judges into the federal judiciary as is humanly possible. To that end, he's allowing…

White House insiders are freaking out over leak of Trump's schedules
Hey, we all pretty much knew Donald Trump spends his days watching the teevee, tweeting gauche nonsequiturs, and endlessly funneling beef and carbs into his tender baby-robin maw. But to have…

Memo for National Security: Time to grow a spine.
To say that I’m “alarmed,: or “concerned,” or “fearful,” or “dismayed,” or any of those other standard goo-goo noises that the media regularly makes to describe feelings to another blazing…

Pelosi has Trump's number, and he knows it
It's clear that Donald Trump is not used to being thwarted, and he's really not used to being stood up to by a woman. He seems utterly baffled by and…

Trump indicates he only wants Mueller report made public if it doesn't say anything mean about him
Donald Trump claimed in a Sunday interview that he’ll leave it up to his attorney general to decide whether to release special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. That isn’t much comfort, since everything in…

Trump officials now claim it would be too 'traumatic' to reunite kids stolen from parents at border
The Trump administration kidnapped perhaps thousands more children from families at the southern border than was previously known, and now officials don’t even want to try to reunite them with their parents because…

Not 'Left-Wing Fantasy' But 'Mainstream and Really Popular': Poll Shows Enormous Public Support for Higher Taxes on Rich
Likely 2020 contenders and progressive members of Congress have proposed a variety of plans in recent days to make the rich pay more in taxes and begin reversing soaring inequality—from…

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