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After an 'unrestrained' Trump frees himself of aides that would temper him, Jared takes the wheel
In the run-up to Donald Trump's rescheduled State of the Nation address, the Washington Post is portraying the current Trump White House as a place where Trump largely runs "unrestrained."…

Time: U.S. intelligence officials scared sh*tless over Trump's 'willful ignorance'
It’s Sunday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your espresso, croissant, and crossword puzzle in the fetal position, clinging to your very last soupçon of vanishing hope.  Oh, Time…

Why Trump WANTS Us to Mock his Typos
Can we talk? Can we all agree on something?  Donald Trump graduated from high school. And college. He has lived a pampered life surrounded by servants and sycophants, but he…

Do me a favor. STOP with the comparisons already!
You’re fooling yourself if you don’t believe it…And you’re killing yourself if you don’t believe it   Styx Same shit, different day. As far as I’m concerned, Ralph Northam fucked up,…

Golf Day #168 in Florida for Individual-1
The weather is sunny and in the 70s as Trump spends another multi-million dollar weekend in Florida with an activity that he couldn’t do during the federal shutdown/lockout because of…

13 ways it costs more to be poor
In July 1960, James Baldwin wrote the following in an article in Esquire, “Fifth Avenue, Uptown: a Letter from Harlem”: “Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely…

Yes, it is damn cold, but that does not mean climate change is not happening
I live in Wisconsin. It has been known to get cold here. The temperature above is real, and doesn’t include windchill. When I grabbed this screen capture, there was a difference of…

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