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Trump's wall tantrum is spiraling out of control
Dear White House people: Just let him go golf already. It's been a little more than two months since he hit the links and he's losing it, just pinging all over the place…

The Department of Energy secretly shipped 1,000 pounds of plutonium to Nevada—and lied about it
The Department Of Energy, led by noted expert Rick Perry, secretly shipped half a ton of “weapons-grade” plutonium to a site 90 miles from Las Vegas. The shipments came despite…

Trump preps for emergency declaration as Congress, including Republicans, tires of his antics
As the bipartisan conference committee carries on behind closed doors, the Trump White House is already making plans to deal with the outcome—by ignoring it and declaring history’s slowest national…

Republicans can't handle having a Muslim woman and former refugee on Foreign Affairs committee.
One of the most important committee assignment of this Congress may turn out to be Rep. Ilhan Omar’s appointment to the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Rep Omar (MN-5) fled the Somali civil…

In opening bid in border security negotiations, Democrats focus on the 'only real crisis'
The House-Senate conference committee on border security funding had its first meeting Wednesday to hammer out a plan to avoid the shutdown Individual 1 seems intent on repeating. While Trump…

New Jersey Democrat invites former Trump housekeeper as State of the Union guest
Former Trump housekeeper Victorina Morales will attend the State of the Union address as a guest of New Jersey Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman, the Congress member’s confirmed to The Washington Post: Morales has…

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