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Trump's absolutely absurd Friday cements his place in history as worst president ever
Donald Trump is officially the worst president ever as if we needed more proof.  First, on Friday, his longtime friend and former campaign operative Roger Stone gets dragged away in pajamas…

Ann Coulter is MAD! (hee hee)
Someone isn’t happy about not getting a wall today: The responses to her tweet are the best part:

A Florida crowd turned Roger Stone's press conference into a public shaming—pay attention to that
Longtime Trump buddy Roger Stone wanted an audience. Instead of ducking out of the Florida federal courthouse where his seven-count criminal indictment by the FBI had just been processed, Stone…

Pelosi wins as Trump caves, agrees to three-week, short-term funding bill
It’s the 35th day of the partial government shutdown, payday for federal workers in which 800,000 of them got paychecks for $0.00. It’s bad enough that even popular vote loser…

'These Are Not Normal Nominees': As Trump Stacks Courts With
A new Data for Progress study bolsters warnings that President Donald Trump's judicial appointees are way further to the right politically than those nominated by past Republican presidents—yet Democrats in…

'Lock him up! Lock him up!' Crowd shouts down Roger Stone as he emerges from courthouse
Following a procedural hearing, Roger Stone emerged from a Florida courtroom on Friday morning and promptly expressed his personal motto, “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being…

Like Black Friday? You’re Gonna Love #MuellerFriday.

Two Important Points About Today’s Stone Indictment
Point #1 — Mueller’s Report in Indictment Increments: Mueller has put a lot more information in this indictment than was necessary to spell out the charges.  In fact, Pages 10…

'Constitutionally Illegitimate': As Workers Miss Another Paycheck, Trump's Draft National Emergency Order Condemned
The country's longest ever government shutdown hit day 35 on Friday and federal workers missed yet another paycheck—but instead of urging the GOP-controlled Senate to pass legislation to reopen the…

Did 'sick Hillary,' the biggest media myth of the 2016 election, come straight from Russia?
The court documents connected to the indictment of Trump adviser Roger Stone focus on the lies that Stone told investigators about his communications with both the campaign and WikiLeaks, and…

What is a Pampers President without the Pampers?
What is the sound of one hand clapping?   Chinese proverb OK screw it, I was wrong. So, sue me. A little over a week ago I put up a rather…

Trump demanded 30,000 unpaid IRS employees go back to work. At least 14,000 haven't shown up
This would probably be the big shutdown news of the day, if the lack of air traffic controllers wasn’t grounding flights at major airports. Donald Trump ordered tens of thousands of…

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