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Michael Cohen Paid A Tech Firm Owned By Jerry Falwell To Manipulate Online Polls In Trump’s Favor
If Mike Pence has any sense, he’ll stock up on the antacid pills and the motion sickness bags, because the stories coming out foreshadowing what Michael Cohen will say when he…

'It’s hypocrisy': most Trump Organization foreign worker visa requests since at least 2008
Last year, Donald Trump lapped up visas for foreign workers like they were hamberders, after the Trump Organization requested—and got—at least 192 visas, TPM reports. “That number appears to be the highest for the…

Donald Trump appears to have developed a weird fantasy about women with tape on their mouths
Listening to Donald Trump talk about immigration lately, it’s hard not to wonder if he’s telling us something about his porn-viewing habits. The image of trafficked women with tape across…

Bar the doors! Lock the windows! Hide the kids! Here we go again.
If there’;s one sure fire diagnostic indicator of a “fucking moron,” it’s the inability to learn from ones past mistakes. I mean, come on, how many times do you have…

Pelosi: 'Maybe Trump thinks it's okay not to pay people for their work. I don't'
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a bottom line for when the State of the Union address can happen: when the government is open and the government employees responsible for security at…

Cooperation, collusion, conspiracy and the constant game of redefining what Trump can get away with
On Wednesday evening, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani conducted another of his numerous goalpost adjustments — this time by just carrying them right off the field. In an interview at CNN, Giuliani responded…

Consequences of Trump's 'Egregious' War on Science Mount as People and Planet Suffer
With the Trump administration regularly putting its right-wing ideology ahead of scientific data and the common good, scientists are taking stock of the tangible damage President Donald Trump has done…

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