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Individual-1's unhingery on full display in nonsense "cabinet meeting"
Well, there really is "a lot to unpack" in drumpfs first cabinet meeting of 2019.  And if we could make sense of it, all the better... WaPo headline Looming crisis:…

What else did Trump shut down? The tool employers use to check new employees' citizenship!
Trump’s excuse for shutting down the federal government is that Congressional Democrats have refused to provide billions of American taxpayer dollars so he can fund an imaginary “border wall," the purpose of…

First Tweets: Individual-1 picks fight with Mitt and apparently Congress is infested with Mexicans
Individual-1 tried to frame rMoney as the successor to Jeff Flake, picking up on memes floating in the blogosphere, taunting him as not a “team player”. The real message is…

Nancy Pelosi is under pressure to fix Republican damage by giving Republicans more power
The last two Republican speakers of the House have massively shut down votes on bipartisan amendments on the House floor over the last eight years. Now that Paul Ryan is on…

Romney's Criticism of drumpf Has Caused the GOP to Lose What's Left of Their G#*&!D#! Minds.
Mitt Romneys rather mild criticism of Goldilocks, in which he said drumpf’s character, (not to mention near everything else) falls a little short of Presidential, has caused the GOP to cast…

'Stop This Fiscal Madness': Dems Urged to Vote Down 'Brainless Republican Idea' as Pelosi Plows Ahead With Pay-Go
After the incoming House Democratic majority's newly released rules package made clear that presumptive Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is moving to ram through a fiscally conservative "pay-go" measure despite widespread…

What's left for Robert Mueller in 2019? Donald Trump.
In 2018, special counsel Robert Mueller indicted Donald Trump’s campaign chair, his deputy campaign chair, his national security adviser, his personal attorney, and an adviser to his campaign. Additionally, Mueller indicted a…

Mitt Romney pretends he has an anti-Trump spine two years after groveling for a cabinet job
Mitt Romney will be sworn in as the junior senator from Utah on Tuesday, 12 years after he finished his time as governor of Massachusetts and seven years and change after…

Mitch McConnell could end the shutdown this week, or refuse to and shoulder the blame with Trump
Unless Wednesday’s meeting between Individual 1, incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer goes much better than can possibly be expected, House Democrats will make votes to…

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