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Point and laugh at these conservatives and their stupid 2018 predictions
Politico has a fun bit of schadenfreude-fluff on its website today.  It’s a retrospective of the shittiest political predictions from 2018. Now, everyone screws up badly from time to time…

Saving Cadet Bone Spurs: FOX 'News' Fluffs Donald Trump in the Debate Over His Phony Draft Evasion
From the earliest days of Donald Trump's presidential ambitions, he has transparently tried to exploit the men and women of the military for his electoral advantage. Never mind that his…

Union Representing Thousands of Federal Workers: 'We Have Not Heard From a Single Member' Who Supports Trump Shutdown
Hitting back at President Donald Trump's evidence-free claim that "many" government employees are backing the ongoing government shutdown because they "want the wall," the International Federation of Professional and Technical…

Nancy Pelosi. For the Win.
Proud Californian here, looking forward to the gavel being handed over to the most effective Speaker in modern memory, Nancy Pelosi. I have healthcare because of her. My favorite thing…

Trump Slipped Off To Iraq, Apparently Shamed For Not Visiting Troops For 23 Months
This is what was going around Twitter a few hours ago. This photo, coupled with the fact that Trump was in silent running mode on Twitter for 17 hours, after…

All-American fraud? Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker's questionable résumé
Incompetent, unqualified, partisan and fraudulent are some of the words associated with Donald Trump’s Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, a man who appears to have been hand-picked to help thwart…

Loyal dog waits six months at a Siberian bus stop for his person to return
A dog abandoned at a bus stop in Siberia got a new home for Christmas after loyally waiting six months in vain for his person to return. An RFE/RL video…

Parks employees contemplate selling belongings to pay for living during Trump's shutdown
"Who's hurt by a government shutdown anyway," say Republicans. It's not like anyone actually lives paycheck to paycheck in their minds, literally. This is what Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) told…

Trump video chats with troops on Christmas rather than going 10 miles to visit in person
Former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush spent part of every Christmas day since 2002 visiting troops. Guess who didn’t keep up that recent tradition in 2018. That’s right, Donald…

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